Farm 13: ‘I’m No Longer Brazilian,’ Says Diane Melo

A Fazenda 13: 'Não sou mais brasileira', afirma Dayane Mello

while chatting with Maylady Mihaly Saturday morning, November 20 Diane Melo She stated that she was “not Brazilian” because she left the country many years ago. The letter was intended to show the influencer how unaccustomed the model was to the Record TV reality show format, with many conflicts and a “download” to which she was unfamiliar.

“I left Brazil when I was 15. I’m not Brazilian anymore. I did a Faustão dance, I did a program on the mountain, in which you all made it to the semi-finals, but without humiliation, without losing, or anything. I’m not used to that kind of things!” she said.

The conversation continued and she asked the model if she had humiliated her co-star on the show. Instead of receiving a “never” answer, Diane listened to a list of situations in which she had acted rudely with her co-worker. On top of that, she also had to deal with issues that really affected the influencer, like when she talked about her son.

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“That’s not what I want to talk about. I just want you to understand what I mean here, because I’m not used to living in a place with this kind of behavior from people,” he thought as he explained his moment of elimination in the game.

After she rips Rico’s jacket off, the model becomes an ungrateful character in the game and ends up losing the new alliances she had begun to build at home. She fell out with Alagoas and Alain Mineiro and then got close to other players. However, the game turned against her.

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Rico’s sympathy

After creating high expectations for a shack generation on Record TV’s reality show, Riku didn’t cause it Diane Melo, because she tore his jacket.

The blouse’s weave has become so great that rumors of the jacket are the only thing the former MTV channel has inherited from his father on social media. But this turned out to be incorrect, because he told the pawns that the piece was too expensive. So, the conversation with the model was not so much about accidents, but about plans for the next game.

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“It is God who judges and life will know everything we do here on earth. I don’t want to see you alone. I know you miss your daughter Giuliano, I know everything. And I never want you to feel alone or excluded,” the man from Alagoas guarantees.

In addition, the comedian talked about other walkers trying to get away from her after eliminating Valentina Francavilla. Rico even visited a place so that she and Ana Luisa could work, each in their own private area.

“I don’t agree with anything you do, but I never want to agree to make you feel lonely here,” funk player McJoy explained when commenting on his stance on leaving it on the street, in a calm atmosphere. In addition, he highlighted that entering people’s homes is a sensitive situation.

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