Fantástico's Hidden Friend: Find out who took who and this year's creative gifts | amazing

Fantástico's Hidden Friend: Find out who took who and this year's creative gifts |  amazing

The hidden friend of Fantastico 2023

A tradition since 1995 in Fantástico, the Hidden Friend game is full of people who made history in 2023. Just like Ana Castilla, Luisa Sonza, Blugirinha, Xuxa, AngelicaAndric, Amore, Diego, Clara Munique and Boninho, Leo Santana.

The program also invited characters who carry important messages around the world, such as: Txai Surui and Ailton Krenak.

This Sunday (24) was the time to find out who took who and discover the creative talents of this group.

First of all, all the attractiveness of the “graphical user interface”. The boy moved to the country in June when his mother, Taiani, took him in after 17 days in a coma due to epidermolysis bullosa, a rare autoimmune genetic condition that causes serious skin lesions and has no cure.

Boy Gui took on Ana Castilla“My hidden friend is famous, he wears a Boiadeira hat and he makes a lot of great songs,” said the little boy, who… Presented to singer A A personalized shirt of your favorite team, Vasco, and the butterfly that represents the symbol of epidermolysis bullosa.

Fantastico's secret girlfriend: Ana Castilla receives a personalized Vasco shirt from Menino Goi, and a butterfly, a symbol of epidermolysis bullosa – Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

Anna, in turn, also began giving clues about her friend: “Big brother is like that, amazing and has a big house. I think a lot of people want to go see his house. The singer took Bonino and presented him with a cowboy hat.

Boninho: “Oops, it's here! Look at the packaging, great. B is for Boninho, Big Boss and now for Boiadeiro. Ooops! Wear this hat a lot, next time I'll give you the horse. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas. Ana Castilla and her signature.”

Fantastico's hidden friend: Boninho receives a cowboy hat from singer Ana Castilla – Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

Fantástico's hidden friend: Kelvin and Ramiro, the “Kelmiro” couple from Terra e Paixão win a French frying pan and bracelet – Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

Watch the full game in the video above.

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