Falcao and The Winter Soldier have a post-credit scene. Understand

Falcao and The Winter Soldier have a post-credit scene.  Understand

[Este texto contém spoilers de Falcão e o Soldado Invernal]

Falcon and Winter Soldiera series Marvel Studios Forwarded Disney +It ended on Friday (23), with the availability of “Umm Mundo, Umm Bofu.” As is already usual in studio productions, the program ended with a post-credit scene: Before the US Senate Committee, Sharon Carter (Emily VanCampA complete pardon for his criminal acts during Captain America: The Civil War In addition to finally being able to return home, he regained his position within the CIA, where he worked after disbanding SHIELD in Captain America and the Winter Soldier.

It turns out that, minutes before the episode, Carter was revealed as the true dealer of power – a prospect that has already been much speculated on the networks after her dubious appearance in Madripore – in a tense clash between Carly (Erin Killiman) And Batroc (Georges Saint-Pierre). As the agent herself says when she leaves trial, she now has easy access to the military and scientific projects run by the CIA, and now has a range of lethal products that will appeal to the most diverse clients in search of powers.

The reality of a scene beyond the credits Falcon and Winter Soldier The exclusive focus on Carter means that the character, now turned villain, must return in new “On Earth” productions of MCUBeing responsible for arming opponents and acting as a major threat to unsuspecting heroes. And the hook that the finale left leaves open the possibility of the second season of the series that was introduced by Disney Competing for the best drama series and not the best short series as was the case with WandaVision.

The first full season of Falcon and Winter Soldier Available on Disney +.

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