Facebook opens more than 40 vacancies for Latin America

Facebook opens more than 40 vacancies for Latin America


National team players are opposed to expecting vaccines for athletes

São Paulo, SB (Folsapres) – The impact of the novel coronavirus epidemic, on and off the field, was on the agenda of Thursday’s press conference for attacking midfielder Andressa Alves and defender Raphael from the Brazilian women’s soccer team, on Thursday. (8). Athletes have expressed opposition to prioritizing athletes in vaccination against the virus before the Tokyo Olympics, in Japan, a possibility discussed in some countries, and which was discussed at the beginning of the year by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). ). Information from Agência Brasil. “In my opinion, as a human being, athletes should be the last to be vaccinated. There are people who need it more than us now. There are other ways to prepare and get to Tokyo safely. Arrive at least 15, 20 days in advance.” [dos Jogos], Take the tests we do on a daily basis, “I defended Andressa, by video link, at Granja Comary, in Teresópolis (RJ), where she meets the national team.” I think most athletes would like to get vaccinated, to have that safety, but it is something that must be given priority today to those who need it most and are most at risk. I agree with Andressa. Not that we are athletes that should be privileged. You have to think more about the general public. We will take care of ourselves. There are several ways to get there [em Tóquio] Well, Raphael added. Due to the pandemic, the women’s team is only meeting to train until next Tuesday (13), although this is the period FIFA has issued for matches between national teams. Friendly matches expected, so the way was to take advantage of the period so that coach Pia Sundag could monitor the players she intends to take to Tokyo, Pia called up a group made up mostly of athletes who play in national football (24 of the 26 exceptions are specifically Andressa Alves (Roma, From Italy) and Raphael (Changchun, from China), however, the defender was already here, due to the impossibility of Brazilians entering Chinese territory at the moment. Using the Bahia chassis. “My club has always been open to trying to get me back to China, but getting on the plane is forbidden and making it up. Difficult .. But being here helped me choose. Being in Brazil is good, being close to family. Although I am unable to return to China, I am in constant contact with my team. I have really tried to talk to them, and think of a loan, As the Brazilian Championship is about to start and I can advance. But it is not something that depends on me alone. Raphael said: “In the next few weeks, something has to be decided.” Present at the delegation meeting in Granja, striker Pia Zanerato is another associated with China Club J (Wuhan Xingyuan). Palmeiras will compete in the Brazilian Championship, scheduled to begin on 17. Andressa, for her part, is the only one who came directly from abroad to join the group in Teresópolis. Of the Brazilian Football Confederation, Doda Luizele. The attacking midfielder appeared last Tuesday (6), a day later the other players. [para covid-19] In the coaching staff [da Roma]. According to Italian standards, if there is a positive case, you should be isolated for ten days, trained, and tested for Covid-19 every day. When the ten days were over, I was able to travel. “I took the exam when I got here, I was isolated from the girls, and the next day, I could start training with them,” Andressa said. Both Rafael and Andressa were transferred to represent Brazil in Tokyo. Only 18 players can be invited to compete on Japanese soil. Both are in She Believes, a friendly tournament held in the United States in February, where the Brazilians, who won the tournament, faced Canada and Argentina.

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