Fabio Assuncao tells how he lost 30 kilograms of weight; Diet and exercise details

Fabio Assuncao tells how he lost 30 kilograms of weight;  Diet and exercise details

The professional says that working with Assunção is very peaceful. “He eats everything and doesn’t complain: fruits, nuts, whey protein shots in his diet… a very calm person,” she said.

With the support of a physical trainer, Fabio trained mixed weights and boxing at first, then changed activities to functional training, short strikes and finally jiu-jitsu. “Man, I took three or four classes, but it takes a lot of strength. Going one way or another… it didn’t work,” the actor recalls about boxing.

The nutritionist states that the diet changes according to the exercises and activities suggested by the personal trainer Chico Salgado. “If we follow a low-carb diet, Chico will reduce the training load slightly and take away the stimuli to support muscle mass,” he says.

After the series, Fabio went through another change to play the role of a former military police officer who owns a hotel in Ceara in a film. “I’m skinny and without muscle mass, but that was intentional, because I stopped weight training a little bit. I wanted to stay dry to show the idea of ​​confinement that happens with the character. It’s not healthy or rough,” he revealed.

For his new job, the actor started the ketogenic diet four months ago, which involves long periods of rest without eating to speed up fat burning. “Sometimes I eat breakfast and lunch and then I don’t eat anything else,” he says.

Personal Chico Salgado no longer follows Fábio Assunção daily, but admits that the actor has adopted a new lifestyle after the transformation. He stressed that “the seed was planted and now he is watering it.”

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