Fabiana Justus cries and says that the treatment for leukemia will end

Fabiana Justus cries and says that the treatment for leukemia will end

Fabiana also celebrated the achievement. “The focus is on living one day at a time! And celebrating the small victories. Today I was eating a whole plate of food. Butter pasta with chicken. I couldn't eat anything at first,” he revealed.

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Fabiana Justus was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, a condition she discovered when she went to the emergency room with back pain and fever. He said: “I am very confident. My family, friends and especially the doctors have given me a lot of confidence.”

Roberto Justos' daughter has been admitted to a hospital in São Paulo for her first course of chemotherapy, which lasts for about a month. “Obviously there are moments when I feel more shocked. I still don't really understand what's going on. When I wake up here in the hospital, I remember that this is true,” the influencer said.

Fabiana is a mother to newborn Luigi, and 4-year-old twins Chiara and Sienna. In a post about the diagnosis, Roberto Justus encouraged his daughter and confirmed that he was not with her due to the isolation recommended by doctors.

my dear! Everything will be fine! You are a warrior! We are all sending you so much positive energy. I cannot be with you physically for the reasons you explained, but I am always by your side. You I love!Roberto just us

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