F1 assesses the impact of the Turkish GP

F1 avalia impacto do GP da Turquia após país ser colocado na lista vermelha do Reino Unido

a Formula 1 It evaluates the potential impact on Turkish GP After the UK government announced Friday (07) that the country is entering the Covid-19 Red Travel List.

Travelers returning to the UK who have been to the countries on the list for the previous 10 days will be required to pay for a mandatory 10-day quarantine at government approved hotels.

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Turkey will officially enter the red list on May 12, a month earlier than the scheduled June 13 race.

It is understood that the usual exemptions from the UK government, which allow members of the F1 team and others directly involved in sports to avoid quarantine, cannot be applied to countries on the Red List.

This will affect the seven British teams, as well as several F1 and FIA officials returning to the UK between races.

Media workers are not part of the regular waiver process, but now they will have to quarantine them in hotels, not at home, as is usually the case.

That could potentially be a problem for the Portuguese race, which was on the Red List until a few weeks before the race.

Although the staff would travel directly to the Spanish GP, they would have remained in quarantine if they had been in Portugal for the past 10 days, so the options were to stay in Spain for a few more days or travel directly to Monaco.

Details of the Istanbul Garden itinerary

Photography: Mark Sutton / Motorsport photos

After the government’s announcement today, a spokesperson for F1 said: “We are aware of the announcement by the UK government regarding travel restrictions to Turkey and are assessing the situation and will provide more details in the coming days.”

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Although the UK government regularly reviews the Red List, F1 cannot wait long before deciding whether the race is still in progress, for obvious logistical reasons.

The release of the red list also affects the UEFA Champions League Final scheduled to be held in Istanbul on May 29 between British clubs Manchester City and Chelsea. Efforts are being made to move the match to the UK.

Turkey was recently added to the calendar after the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal was canceled.

Possible options might be to add an additional race at Paul Ricard, before the French Grand Prix, or to advance in the French Grand Prix for a week and add a second event on the Red Bull Circuit, and create a new Triple Tour.

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