Expired vaccines have no guarantees

Expired vaccines have no guarantees

Anvisa (the National Health Surveillance Agency) clarified today that the old covid-19 vaccines have no guarantees of efficacy and safety. The agency’s statement comes on the heels of the suspicion that some municipalities could have applied expired doses of AstraZeneca’s fortifying agent.

A report by Folha de S.Paulo published today said more than 1,500 cities would have applied late doses. But the municipalities denied this.

“The quality, safety, and efficacy data evaluated by Anvisa refer to the product within its approved shelf life. Vaccines that have expired do not have guarantees of efficacy and safety,” says a statement from the agency.

Anvisa also absolved itself of liability for any irregularities in the application of doses, stressing that it is not involved in the logistics of implementing vaccines.

“The agency is evaluating the quality, safety and efficacy of vaccines and the manufacturing conditions of companies involved in the production of both the active pharmaceutical ingredient and the final product. Data evaluated by Anvisa, including a stability study, under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity, determines the product’s shelf life and storage conditions. , which affects the logistics of distribution.”

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