Exclusive! Manu Gavassi lives a fairy tale in the trailer for the visual album “GRACINHA” featuring Titi Gagliasso; Watch!

Manu Gavassi Gracinha (1)

Manu Javase Tired of being cute, but still committed to making art. This Friday (12), the singer released her latest album, “charming”. The video album will be released in Disney +It will only arrive next week. However, the hugogloss.com He had direct access to the trailer for the audiovisual work, with an aesthetic in the best fairy tale style.

In addition to perfecting the project, Manu wrote and co-directed the production, bringing a cinematic look to his nine songs. The trailer anticipates some of these moments, loaded with a lot of imagination, typical of great Disney songs. The preview features scenes of the star onstage awaiting her long-awaited comeback, heavily choreographed ballet, some of the strongest and most dramatic sequences, and a soulful interaction with the actor. Icarus Silva.

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Manu still appears alongside other names like Paulo MiklosAmaro Joao de Freitas Neto, Samuel de Saboya and Joao Mandarino. He also steals the show’s small Titi Eubank Gagliasu, daughter Bruno Gagliasu NS Giovanna Eubank. In general, the visual album complements the expectations of the songs, which show a conceptual side of the singer’s work. But you can already see that the result is promising!

Watch the video below:

Huge production like this! “GRACINHA” comes after a nine-month hiatus for Manu Gavassi, in which the artist has moved away from social media. Project recordings and creative processes appeared during this period, when he appeared Previous BBB Dip to get his hands on the dough and get everything out of the paper. The work, produced by F / SIMAS, premieres November 26 on the Disney+ platform. However, the nine songs on the disc are already on digital platforms. Listen:

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