Exclusive! Hammer record and knock out Nego do Borel from A Fazenda 13

Exclusive!  Hammer record and knock out Nego do Borel from A Fazenda 13

hammer hit record and Select Nego do Borel mode in A Fazenda 13: He will be kicked out of the reality show on Saturday (25/9).

Column LeoDias received information that the decision to leave funkeiro was not unanimous at the top of the station, but Pressure from the public, especially sponsors It was fundamental to Nego’s exit from the game.

An hour after LeoDias’ column exclusively published the information about funkeiro’s dismissal, his team released a statement confirming his exit from the reality show:

The press office of Nego de Borrell officially announces the singer’s exit from the reality show A Fazenda. The artist’s legal team is currently in contact with the broadcaster’s legal team to verify all information and will comment later today, when they have more details. We make it clear that we support justice and ask them to avoid prosecutions without evidence or that are based on small snippets from the Internet,” the memo states.

understand the situation

In the room at Fazenda headquarters 13, Saturday night (25/9), Diane Melo, who looked drunk, went to bed and Nego do Borel was in bed.The. Singer Mac Gui asked if the model really wanted to stay there, then Tati Quebra Barraco and Solange Gomes told the worker not to try anything, because the model was under the influence of alcohol.

The pedestrians even ordered Nego do Borel to leave the bed. McGuy said that he should leave, because with the drunk girl, he would be charged. However, the singer remained in place.

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Erasmo Viana said he didn’t see a problem, after all, the two were “bachelors” and accused his colleagues of “setting the situation on fire.”

Police on record

Diane Melo’s legal team went to the headquarters of A Fazenda 13, in Itapecerica da Serra (SP), accompanied by a group of police officers to enter the site and look for evidence that the model had in fact been physically abused while intoxicated.

So far, Record said it is investigating the case and will announce the outcome of its decision Saturday night, live, on the reality show.

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