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Couple preparing to travel from Lubbock, Texas, for Las Vegas, claimed he had a great deal of horror when he was warned about being overweight.

When an airline employee opened her bag to see where the extra six pounds (just over 2.5 kilograms) came from, Chihuahua pups Ike, Jared and Kristi Owens emerged from inside their cowboy boots.

Southwest Airlines employee Kathy and Jared Owens pull a Chihuahua Ike out of the bag – Photo: Reproduction/Facebook/Jared Owens

According to them, Ike should be at home, along with the other family animals and the couple’s two children, ages 4 and 8, who were under the care of Kristi’s mother. but somehow, It could have slipped invisibly at the bottom of the shoe and ended up in the bag.

Jared says his wife used to pack up “at the last minute” and the rush must have helped the “incognito woman” get on the plane unnoticed.

Jared Owens and his wife Kristi with their dog Ike at Lubbock Airport, Texas – Photo: Reproduction/Facebook/Jared Owens

Shocked, Owens claimed they feared missing the flight and were also embarrassed to think the airline might explain that they had deliberately tried to take the hidden pup.

But, according to Jared, Cathy, the employee who discovered Ike, was “cool” and even offered to care for the animal during the owners’ trip.

Jared Owens and Groh, Ike, at Lubbock Airport, Texas – Photo: Reproduction/Facebook/Jared Owens

Incidentally, the little girl was so successful in her docile behavior that she attracted other employees who quit their jobs to interact with her. The obfuscation resulted in a delay in the deposit queue.

Fortunately, Jared’s brother-in-law lives near the airport, and he went there to pick up a Chihuahua. According to the owner, she was already safely at her “grandmother’s” house about half an hour later, alongside her human siblings and two other dogs, a rabbit and a fish from the family. And Jared and Christie finally made it to Las Vegas alone.

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