Ex-patron can turn athlete and reach the summit of Mount Everest: “Everyone has the inner strength of achievement” | Nice

It is among the five Brazilians who have reached the summit Mount Everest – The tallest mountain on the planet at 8,848 meters – São Paulo Aretha Duarte, 37, was a recyclable waste collector who became an athlete and reached the top of the world.

Before walking in the snow, Aretha had to tread on little piles of hope. He was born and raised in Jardim Capivari, in the suburbs New York (SP), where the family lives today. She was the only one in the family to complete her higher education. During the College of Physical Education, he learned about mountaineering.

Since 2011, Aretha has been working as a climbing guide. And it has already taken clients to some of the largest mountains in the world, such as Aconcagua in Argentina and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. But she wanted a bigger challenge, Mount Everest, which is in the Himalayas, and more specifically on the border between China and Nepal.

He says, “When I saw a picture of this mountain, I said: I want to be in this place, I can be in that place.”

For a year and a half, Aretha fought daily to raise money for the expedition, which she dreamed of about 400,000 reais. From box to box, and from kilo to kilo, I overcame the first hurdle. Collected 130 tons Recyclable material, equivalent to approximately R $ 110,000. Even in the Hack Cauldron I managed to collect the necessary amount. Watch the expedition in the video above.

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