Ex-BBB Viih Tube appears in a tight body dress and draws attention

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Viih . tube, ex-BBB21, got married on the social network Friday (22) when she wore a white dress close to her body and accentuated her rough bottom with a single click. The praise was very high.

“Wow”, “Cat”, “Beautiful”, “Awesome”, “Strong”, “Love of my life”, “Beauty”, “People, I always see Mayara and Marisa”, Disqualified.


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A week late, for YouTubers The relationship with the influencer has ended Bruno MagriWhich made the lovers of the couple very sad. They both demonstrated on the Internet about this issue.

Viih . tube She gathers more than 19 million followers on the social network and invests heavily in sexy photos. Recently, YouTube has also shown the drastic change your locks have gone through.

Ex-boyfriend refuses to delete photos from Viih Tube

Bruno Magri, touching, replied to a follower if she would delete the photos from Viih . tube on your social network profile. The young man said he wouldn’t, which turned out to be common with most ex-husbands.

“I didn’t delete it and never will. It was part of my story, life goes on, but the affection and gratitude remains”commented Bruno.

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