Ex-BBB Rodolffo was invited to be the godfather of Tierry and Gabi Martins

Ex-BBB Rodolffo was invited to be the godfather of Tierry and Gabi Martins

Rodolfo He left BBB a short while ago, But he already has a special date on his schedule: to be the best married man for Thierry and Gabe Martins. The owner of the song “Rita” made the invitation in a comment on Instagram.

After the previous-BBB Gabe Martins shared a picture on the social network, and Rodolfo went to call his friend to verify the click. He wrote: “Come see action.” Terry said, “He’s a friend, you have to become a better man.”

Commentary by Rodolfo and Terry on Gabe Martins’ post

Photo: Play / Instagram

He then continued the comment by stating that “Bastion” had been with the couple from the start. Gabe also confirmed the information in the post. “Bastion still helps with the choice.”

Together since november, And Terry and Gabe Martins spoke candidly about some of the couple’s intimate relationships on Gkay Instagram recently.

One netizen asked at the time, “Who is the fiercest?” The answer was linked by the spouses. Then the singers talked about showering together. Terry said, “Right. The children’s father is not playing.”

Gabe Martins also revealed that she “wakes up from having sex”. “Go ahead. We go and finish and then:” Good morning, “the singer joked, who mentioned that the lover had already started a new” big tits “.

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