Even Luana's mother Jovani gets into a fight with Neymar over PEC das Praias: “Bad vocabulary”

Even Luana's mother Jovani gets into a fight with Neymar over PEC das Praias: “Bad vocabulary”

Piovani's mother gets involved in her daughter's fight with Neymar

Photo: Clone/Instagram/Estadão

This third Monday, attorney Francis Piovani's mother Luana Piovanientered into his daughter's fight against Neymar About the PEC (Constitutional Amendment Proposal) called “PEC Das Prayas.Francis (68 years old) stated that Neymar insulted Piovani and called on the athlete to mobilize against the proposal in Brasilia.

Piovani's mother gets involved in her daughter's fight with Neymar

Photo: Clone/Instagram/Estadão

“How interesting and shocking that people are not right and have very bad vocabulary, become misogynistic, and call people ‘old’ and ‘unlovable’. This is a lack of argument. I don’t know why you were Neymar.” “He just said he wouldn't do this resort, but he came and insulted Luana,” Francis said in a series of Instagram Stories.

PEC das Praias has become the target of criticism from environmental institutes due to the possibility of closing access to beaches to the general population. Therefore, the proposal was also named PEC for Beach Privatization.

The player Neymar was linked to controversy because of his announcement of a partnership with a developer in a project announced as “Brazil Caribbean”, with high-end real estate on an area of ​​​​100 kilometers between the coasts of Pernambuco and Alagoas. Even the confusion was left to the comedian Diogo Defanti.

Piovani stated that the player will benefit from PEC. Since then, the two have been exchanging insults on social media since last week. Neymar described Yovanni as “crazy” and the actress described him as “stupid”.

In defense of his daughter, Francis also cited the player's path before fame. “But the crux of the matter: Is it possible for a person in his right mind, from the suburbs, from a poor family, to want to privatize the beach. I call on Mr. Neymar to join forces with his fans to sign this document.” Petition not to privatize beaches,” he says.

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What is “PEC Das Prayas”

Currently, the law states that although the legal occupants have possession and documents for the property, the coastal areas, including beaches, belong to the Federation and cannot be closed, that is, any citizen has the right to access the sea. With the extinction of the offshore land, the owner will become the sole owner, so he can turn the beach into a private space.

  • The concerned PEC wants to abolish the obligation to pay fees to the federation by persons occupying these areas.
  • Furthermore, these lands can be transferred to private entities upon payment. The property is currently shared between the resident or inhabitant, who owns 83%, and the union, which owns 17% of the area.

Minister of Institutional Relations, Alexander Padilhasaid this Monday 3, that the government is against Proposed amendment to the Constitution 3/2022. According to the Minister, as is the case, the administration of the President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva We will act against the proposal in the Constitution, Justice and Citizenship Committee (CCJ).

According to Padilha, the discussion between Neymar and Piovani on the networks attracted the attention of the Presidential Election Commission and “had a positive impact because it gave visibility to the topic.”

The rapporteur of the PEC, Senator Flavio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ), has already positioned himself in favor of the project which, according to him, will reach 521 thousand properties registered by the Federal Heritage Secretariat (SPU). He says the proposal could facilitate land registration and generate employment opportunities as well.

Advocates of the General Elections Commission deny that there is any scope for privatization in the text of the new rule.

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