EU raises tone against AstraZeneca, row with UK over vaccine clear

The lab should only produce 25% of what it promised for mass by March; In the meantime, he is on his way to achieving the goal agreed upon with the British

Amit Dave/Reuters All this complex situation highlights the importance of having the ability to produce a vaccine against Covid-19 in the country itself.

a European Union Raise the tone against AstraZeneca and dispute with United kingdom became clearer. The block has not yet been able to execute vaccination In mass as fast as I meant and no doses AstraZeneca and yes Pfizer It was a big problem for the continent. The two laboratories postpone their delivery to Europe They claim temporary difficulties in the production chain. AstraZeneca is expected to produce only 25% of what the European Union promised by March. Meanwhile, the laboratory is on track to meet the target agreed with the British – two million doses per week.

Europeans demand that the doses that are produced in Great Britain, in two of the company’s plants, is also used on the continent. But the UK, for its part, has already made it clear that it does not intend to export any dose until the entire country is vaccinated. The British signed a contract with AstraZeneca in May 2020, three months before the European Union, and the lab uses this point as a justification to give preference to the government of Great Britain. On Wednesday, 27, the block claimed that “first come, take” logic served the corner butcher shop—but not in such a contract.

british prime minister, Boris JohnsonHe was asked if he intended to impose a ban on the export of vaccines. The governor preferred not to increase the crisis, but it is already clear that it will be difficult England He will divide your doses. At least not now. One of Johnson’s few big successes in this pandemic was defining a vaccination plan at the start of the problem. The strategy included incompatibility with the EU programme. Johnson has invested in domestic production capacity. Somehow, British Conservatives anticipated a “vaccine of nationalism” that was beginning to take shape.

The technology developed by Oxford University was awarded to AstraZeneca because it is a British laboratory committed to producing the potions locally. All this complex situation highlights the importance of having the ability to produce a vaccine against COVID-19 In the same country, the Sao Paulo government has also managed with Putantan Institute And hopefully in the end Manguinhos Do this also with the Oxford vaccine. Rich countries are in short supply – and as long as the developed world is not vaccinated, it will not be enough for others. The logic of “a little flour, mush first” is also evident in the epidemic, however controversial it may be.

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