Etao’s situation raises customers’ ire today (13)

Etao’s situation raises customers’ ire today (13)

Try not to be impressed when you learn the details of the situations that will leave the bank’s customers angry on Friday (13)

First of all, it is very important to say that Itao is the largest private bank in Brazil and the largest financial conglomerate in the southern hemisphere, with its headquarters in the city of São Paulo.

Therefore, being a company of this size, Itaú has millions of customers who can benefit from all its services and benefits.

However, since everything is not always rosy, it is also important to emphasize that some bank customers are angry about the situations they are experiencing on Friday (13).

Among the reports on the social network Twitter, we can mention customers talking about offline photos, and even providing details about unpaid bill payments.

So one of Itau’s agents responded: “I made the payment through the app @Box From the card voucher @krdikard Who is who @itaúIt has been 8 days since the card was written off and interest was generated, and the amount has barely been refunded. What should I do? @Caixa” someone said.

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Another customer in turn reported: “@itao, He said: “I’ve been trying to take a pixel since 8am and I can’t, can you help me??!!!” paying off.

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Itaú customers angry over unpleasant situations on Friday - Photo Twitter
Itaú customers angry over unpleasant situations on Friday – Twitter photos
Itaú agents reveal situations through Twitter - Photo Twitter
Itaú agents expose situations through Twitter – Photo Twitter

Therefore, knowing how big Banco Itaú is, there is no doubt that these are situations that cannot go unnoticed by the bank, as in the end, they end up causing great inconvenience to its customers.

How many clients does Banco Itaú currently have?

The bank has Nearly 66 million individual customers. Of these, 67% are customers who are considered engaged. Which means that the majority of your financial needs, or even 100% of them, are with the company.

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