Esquiva Falcão closes its sponsorship after serving pizza during band

Esquiva Falcão closes its sponsorship after serving pizza during band

In the past few days, the hashtag #PatrocinemoEsquiva has gained popularity on Twitter, after a photo of Olympic medalist Esciva Falcao – while handing out minipizzas on his motorcycle – went viral on the Internet. The hype over the boxer, who found in the family business the potential to earn extra money amid the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, on Wednesday (14) led to an invasion of new care. On social media, the 31-year-old from Espírito Santo announced that he had signed a contract with a company in the retail sector, based in Brusque (SC).

The day before, in an interview with Brazil AgencyAfter the image was repeated on social networks, Esquiva revealed that many proposals from potential sponsors.

“Swellen, my wife, is the one who organizes everything. She decides to sponsor, partner, and take care of the children and me [risos]. The boxer, the silver medalist at the London Olympics (UK), said I thank God, the people and boxing enthusiasts, who gathered to introduce an athletic work that began with delivery so that the epidemic would not lose it. ”, In 2012.

The affectionate wife’s mention is not a coincidence. Her idea was to start working, at the start of the epidemic, a year ago.

“One day, we ordered a small pizza in our neighborhood [na cidade capixaba de Vila Velha]. I thought: I am very good at cooking, so why shouldn’t I? how is he [Esquiva] He likes my dishes, suggested we sell in the neighborhood. I’ve always wanted to have my own business, but to be able to participate in the growth of my two young children. I started spreading the word, and so did Esquiva. A request came from all the municipalities of Espirito Santo and even from outside the state, saying he would like to help us, ”Solin said.

She jokes that Esquiva is the “poster boy” for small pizza. Not only this. The boxer himself was responsible for some of the deliveries. At first by car. Then on the motorcycle.

“When it is a special request, the hero will [risos]. Sometimes I take the olympic medal and people take pictures. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we avoid hugs and respect the spacing, but we’ve always been talking for a while. There was a fan who cried even when I told the story of the medal, “” the boxer recalls.

Esquiva left Olympic boxing and emigrated to pro in 2014. He competes in the middleweight category (up to 72,575 kg), and since then has played 28 caps and won all of them, 20 by knockout. The last time was in February when he defeated Russian Arthur Akafov. The following month, he renewed his contract with Top Rank, a Las Vegas (USA) based company. His association with the Meadows guarantees him three more fights over the next 12 months. Capixaba lives up to expecting someone to deserve a world champion belt.

“I feel I have to fight again this year, between September and October, but not yet for the belt. It’s going to be a tough fight. If I win, next year, yeah, the fight should be for the belt. I’m in good rank, in third place.” [na IBF, sigla em inglês para Federação Internacional de Boxe]. The Brazilian said: My dream is to be a world champion and I am close, I cannot give up.

With Vila Velha gyms shutting down due to the pandemic, Esquiva is keeping what is possible at home. And it helps produce the mini pizza somehow.

“My wife is from the at-risk group, and my kids are young, so I only get out early in the morning, avoiding contact as much as possible. Here, I have a punching bag, a pair of gloves and I’m doing the basics but I’m hitting ten kilos of dough [das minipizzas] On the day, part of the training [risos]”The boxer, who is based in Riverside while in the United States, concluded.

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