Erica watches the match in a James Rodriguez shirt

Erica watches the match in a James Rodriguez shirt

Erica Schneider, third out”farm 13″ (RecordTV) was in South America 2022 World Cup Qualifiers, between Brazil and Colombia, at the Neo Química Arena, in São Paulo.

According to the newspaper “The Sun”, the former Pea has a love affair with James Rodriguez, a player football Colombian. According to the publication, speculation about an affair began between the pair after midfield fans noticed the two exchanging likes and following each other on Instagram.

“With my Colombian brother and little sister, new Colombian cheerleader Erica Schneider,” one fan wrote on Instagram with a photo of the ballerina during the match. At the time, Erica was wearing the jersey of the Colombian national team, James Rodriguez’s No. 10 jersey.

Rodriguez, who recently revealed that he is single after his split from Venezuelan model Shannon de Lima, is in Brazil for The match between Colombia and Brazil.

Erica became single in early 2021, When did her two-year relationship with businessman Victor Perez end, NS Since then, he has had an affair with his former co-worker Erasmo Viana NS She has been identified as having an affair with singer and former BBB Rodolfo Mateus.

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