Eric Adams has been elected to be New York City’s second black mayor, CNN forecasts

Democrat Eric Adams has been elected mayor of 110 cities Nova York, according to drop CNNIn defeating Republican candidate Curtis Sliwa.

Adams, a retired NYPD captain who has embraced the public safety message, will be the second black mayor in the city’s history, after the late David Denkins.

Born in Brooklyn and now district president, Adams won the chaotic Democratic primary this summer with a pledge to strengthen and reform the New York Police Department amid fears of rising crime.

His message – that “public safety is the primary condition for prosperity” – resonated with working-class Democratic voters outside the traditional liberal enclaves of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn, fueling his candidacy.

Adams’ general election campaign was much more moderate. He has largely ignored Sliwa, a Guardian Angels co-founder and media personality.

After Sliwa attacked him during one of his debates, Adams shrugged his shoulders and refused to engage.

“I’m talking to New Yorkers, not slapstick,” he said.

Speech against crime

Adams delivered a vocal speech in the race to voters worried about the surge in violent crime in a pandemic year and continuing concerns about police department excesses.

This effort required him to strike a delicate balance with a commitment to dealing with police misconduct, often looking to his earlier efforts to report racism to city police.

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