Empire worth 500 billion Brazilian reals: who are and what do the heirs of the richest man in Latin America do

Empire worth 500 billion Brazilian reals: who are and what do the heirs of the richest man in Latin America do

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Administrative positions fall to heirs and male relatives, while women in the family are allocated positions related to education and charitable work.

In this conservative family, managerial positions fall mostly to men.

When the businessman suffered health problems and almost died, nearly three decades ago, the businessman's eldest son, Carlos Slim Domit, was already a director of Telmex, the Mexican telecommunications and IT services giant, while his other two sons, Marco Antonio and Patricio, They were about to assume strategic positions in the bloc.

The billionaire's three daughters – Somaya, Vanessa and Johanna – are also developing professionally in various areas of their father's companies or projects, but mainly in the education and charity departments.

Slim clan – Photo: Reproduction/La Nación

— In fact, it is not the daughters who are responsible for their work, but the sons-in-law [seus maridos] they. It is now said that grandchildren hold managerial positions in all companies – explains Mario Maldonado, journalist, columnist for the newspaper El Universal and director chief executive officerwhich investigated the billionaire's network of companies and businesses.

Slim's empire (which crowned him the world's richest man between 2010 and mid-2013, until he was ousted by Bill Gates) includes countless industries and services, especially in the telecommunications sector (America Movil is the fourth-largest operator worldwide). But the companies also span the industrial, transportation, construction, real estate, retail chains, financial sector, energy and mining, health, sports and media sectors (Slim is the third-largest shareholder of The New York Times).

“In Mexico, there is still a lot of this somewhat sexist culture on boards where the majority of directors are men,” Maldonado laments.

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What do heirs do?

Currently, Carlos Junior serves as Chairman of the Boards of América Móvil, Grupo Sanborns, Telefonos de México, Grupo Carso, Promotora Musical, and US Commercial Corp. Marco Antonio serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Grupo Financiero Inbursa, Inversora Bursátil, Seguros Inbursa, the promoter of development and employment in Latin America, and the Carlos Slim Health Institute. Finally, Patricio is Director of Sanborns Group, Chief Commercial Officer of Telmex, President of Ferrosur, and Vice Chairman of América Móvil and Grupo Carso.

Among Selim's daughters, Somaya is the vice president of the Somaya Museum, which was founded in 1994 on the initiative of the businessman's wife, an art lover who died five years after its opening due to kidney problems. Vanessa is President of the Mexican and Latin American Cattlemen's Association and manages the social welfare programs of the Carlos Slim Foundation and the Telmex Foundation. In turn, Joana, the youngest in the family, is the Director of the Primary Education Program of the Carlos Slim Foundation and a member of the Board of Directors of the Sanborns Group.

— When Carlos Slim Helu dies, it will generate some uncertainty and momentary instability in his companies and markets, but nothing more important or profound because he has already delegated so much to all his children, in-laws and grandchildren. So, even though he is the patriarch and I don't think there is anyone like him, I don't think his children have many problems – Maldonado analyzes.

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