Emily in Paris: Ukraine’s government blasts “unacceptable” series and selfies: “It’s offensive”; understand

Emily In Paris Ucrania

As successful as it is around the world, “Emily in Paris” It also causes a lot of controversy. After the series upset the French this time, it upset the Ukrainians. According to the tabloid, “The Mirror, the government of Ukraine embarked on production Netflix For the way they portrayed the character of Petra, played by Daria Panchenko.

In the series, the character is a native of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine – and so is the actress who plays her. However, what caught our eye was the way Petra is represented, exposing her as an uneducated thief with a terrible taste in fashion. Ukraine’s Minister of Culture, Oleksandr Tkachenko, rebelled on the broadcast platform because of this “caricature” of the Ukrainian people.

The Ukrainian minister blew up the image of Petra – the Ukrainian – in the movie “Emily in Paris”. (Photo: Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix)

“In the 1990s and 2000s, Ukrainian men were mainly portrayed as gangsters. Over time, that has changed. However, not in this case. In Emily in Paris we have a caricature of an unacceptable Ukrainian woman. It is also offensive. Is this how Ukrainians will appear abroad? Like someone who robs, who wants to get everything for free, who is afraid of deportation? It shouldn’t be like that”Criticize the newspaper.

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On social media, many people were unhappy with the issue. Influencer Eugenie Horilko wondered if “there is still room for such ignorance and intolerance” in 2021. Researcher Olga Matveeva has also argued that this marginalizes the image of Ukrainian women. “Stereotypes based on nationality not only cause imbalance, but also maintain aggression. Let’s make peace, not offensive jokes”She said.

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With this situation, Oleksandr Tkachenko said that he called Netflix and expressed his complaint. “They thanked me for the feedback. But they heard about the concern of Ukrainian spectators about the image of Ukrainian women. We agree that in 2022, we will be in close contact to prevent such cases”Minister announced. “Such an active public attitude will help to ensure that the position of Ukrainians is taken into account in future filming.”, I finish.

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As soon as it debuted in 2020, “Emily in Paris” also angered the French. It didn’t take long for the criticism to appear that the comics had portrayed the characters in France. Many have questioned the fact that men are portrayed as womanizers, women as lovers, and waiters as rude and lazy people. On the Internet and in the media, the public lost its tongue like a whip. Remember the case and all the controversy, click here.

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