Elisa Lucinda says she does not believe in Fabio de Mello’s celibacy

Elisa Lucinda e padre Fábio de Melo

“I find you very childish and alluring. I’m against celibacy. With all the respect I have, I don’t believe in you,” said the actress.

247 – Elisa Lucinda, translator of Pérola em Mulheres Apaixonadas (2003), has said that she does not believe in Fabio de Mello’s celibacy. This Tuesday (26), the actress questioned the traditions of the Catholic Church and gave her opinion on the supposedly intimate life of religious. The Information From the TV news portal.

“I find you very childish and seductive. I am against celibacy. With all the respect that I have, I do not believe in you. I agree with you. It should not be necessary to deny one’s nature, to be celibate to be a priest. It makes no sense to me.”, Elissa wrote in a post For the priest on Instagram.

And the actress in the comments received criticism and messages of support from fans of the priest. “Just because he’s a chaplain, couldn’t he have a style? If he did, wouldn’t he? Oh my God,” said Carla Silva.

“That’s right, not to mention he’s always muscular, with clothes that show it off! I love him passionately and have nothing against it, but I’d like to know what would happen if a nun decided to go to the gym and the show Anna Teresa asked Gabardo what her body would He’s healed. Will we see this happen?

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