Effective closure and mass pollination allow bars to reopen in the UK

Effective closure and mass pollination allow bars to reopen in the UK

a United kingdom He reap the rewards of a Effective closure and mass vaccination The Boris Johnson administration has promoted it to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The country is now celebrating the relaxation of trading restrictions and the reopening of bars, shops and malls on Monday (12).

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Boris Johnson, that The epidemic started by reducing the effects of the new coronavirus and then took drastic measures to contain the disease – he even stayed in the ICU with the disease –, Is reaping the benefits of its management making an effective three-month lockdown and It vaccinated 47% of its population, which is the highest vaccination rate in countries with populations of more than 10 million.

Bars in London usually reopen: there is no obligation to wear a mask and people are returning to their normal lives thanks to vaccinations

Comprehensive vaccination

The country’s successful vaccination campaign is already showing results: more than half of the adults have already been vaccinated. Covid-19 deaths have decreased by 95% since then. New cases of the disease have fallen by more than 90% since the height of the second wave in England that occurred in January.

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In January, more than 1,800 people died every day in the country thanks to covid-19. Yesterday, the Covid-19 virus claimed the lives of only 40 victims in England. The trend is that this number will be practically zero within a few months.

More than half of the adult population has been vaccinated against COVID-19; The economy reopened on Monday and no new lockdowns will take place in the country

The English language will also implant a kind of immunity passport, whereby people who have negative tests for the disease or have been vaccinated will be able to attend events in enclosed spaces.

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Cuba announces vaccination of its tourists against Covid-19

Crowded Bars: strict lockdown and widespread pollination are showing the fruits of a well-designed policy

Other countries in the United Kingdom during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II – Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland – have also begun the process of easing their circulatory restrictions, which varies from case to case due to different vaccination rates.

England is riding the Iceland wave and has become one of the few countries in Europe that has weathered the pandemic through vaccination lockdowns.

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