Earthquake hits the east coast of Japan Scientist

Earthquake hits the east coast of Japan  Scientist

One 6.6 magnitude earthquake Hit the east coast Japan This Saturday (1, Friday night in Brasilia), earthquake observatories reported.

The epicenter is relatively close to the place where, 10 years ago, A large tremor triggered a tsunami that claimed thousands of lives (Read more at the end of the story). This time, however, authorities estimate that there is no risk of giant waves.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS), which monitors seismic activity around the world, reported that the earthquake was recorded at a depth of 56 km and just over 50 km from the coast.

According to NHK public broadcaster, Miyagi Prefecture – where cities such as Revue and Sendai are located – was the area that experienced the most earthquakes. Residents also felt the earthquake in the Fukushima regionDestroyed by the great tsunami of 2011.

As of the last update of this report, there were no reports of significant damage to buildings or possible injuries.

Earthquakes in eastern Japan

This is not the first earthquake in the region in 2021. In February e MarchOther earthquakes, whose magnitude was greater than that recorded on Saturday, hit the region and were detected as long-term consequences of the earthquakes. Great Japan EarthquakeWhich killed more than 18,000 people.

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