Due to work, Sabrina Sato will live in another city

Due to work, Sabrina Sato will live in another city
Sabrina Sato (Photo: Reproduo / Instagram)

a TV record Another reality show is planned for this year. While the Brazil power couple Still fully operational, new investment Island log, Which will bring the island’s celebrities together. The program will be presented by Sabrina Sato-You have to change your routine to adapt to the new program.

The place chosen for the reality show was a space in Paraty between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Due to the recordings, Sabrina will live for a season with her family in the city. According to columnist Patricia Cogot, who Newspaper or GloboThe site is 20 km from the tourist city center.

All program participants will go through a period of isolation at the hotel. Consequently, the board ensures that no member of the staff is infected with COVID-19. The same procedure was applied to the participants from farmAnd the A strong couple e Brazil big brother, in order to Globo TV.

Although the participants were not confirmed by the broadcasterThey are already in isolation, fulfilling pretrial detention. different from On the edge, Which is a fact that tests the resistance of its members Island log Don’t go that way. The 13 “Scouts”, as they are called, will be installed in a palatial home called “The Village”.

The dynamics of the game are also different. There is no participant to be excluded. The winner is the one who collects more “treasures”. Episodes will be recorded and only the final episode will be broadcast live.

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