Drones make up a giant QR code for downloading the game in China

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It became common to see Drones They are used for the most diverse procedures. In a lot of cases they end up being helpful with deliveries, but a Chinese company called Bilibili decided to use this Technique To create a different demo to celebrate the launch of the game Princess Connect Re: diving.

To carry out this action, the company known for its work with animation and manga decided to use 1,500 drones to form a QR code A giant in Shanghai. While suspended in the air, pedestrians can point their cell phones to the pictorial to download the game.

Before the image was formed, the drones made some choreographies indicating the game in the air, giving those who were on the street a somewhat different night show, as you can see in the following video:

It is worth noting that in addition to the ability to download the game, the one who directed the phone to the drone also had the opportunity to obtain more information about the title, an RPG that was released in Asia last year and in the rest. Of the world in 2021.

Interestingly, Bilibili has already done something similar at its launch of the Princess Connect Re: diving (But without using drones): At the entrance to the building where the company was installed, the QR code was left without any clue or indication of what it was doing, and whoever scanned it was directly sent to the download page of its game.

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