Drone records the moment when the shark approaches the surfer

Drones recorded the moment a great white shark approached surfers and swimmers off the coast of Del Mar, California. Photographer Scott Fairchild posted the video on social media.

In the photos, it is possible to see the shark approaching a surfer and a boy who appears calm. The animal is larger than the plates. In an interview with Fox News, Fairchild described the meeting as “amazing.”

Fairchild reported the encounter: “I haven’t seen the boy yet. Very calmly, the father called him and said, ‘Hey, look at this.’ He starts paddling up close and points, boy doesn’t react. “What a cool.”

Although they don’t know, Fairchild says Which felt like “a great father-son moment for them”.

The photographer says there have been an increasing number of shark sightings in the area. In September, he said he photographed another shark off the coast.

He told Fox News that one of his most impressive encounters was when he spotted 13 great white sharks at once.

I’ve been diving with sharks my whole life. Scary isn’t it? You need to respect any animals, but it’s not a problem. We are not on their list.
Photographer Scott Fairchild in an interview with Fox News

He says he hopes the recordings will help the public understand the importance of sharks. “Videos can be intimidating if you see one, but that’s where they live,” Fairchild said. “They’re not looking for us. They’re swimming close to you. Mistakes happen, but it’s usually not a problem.”

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