Double deck cabin – a British invention from 1930

Double deck cabin – a British invention from 1930

In the 1930s, road transportation was developing rapidly. In the UK, many companies have emerged and transport transportation is one of the growing markets. In this context, Guest, Wood and Ling Ltd. One of the companies that stood out, especially because of the truck discussed in this article.

It is a 1938 Bedford Series W, a 3.5-liter six-cylinder engine with a power of 72 horsepower. It was one of the main trucks of the time, especially in the United Kingdom, and was widely used in civil transport, in the form of a rigid chassis and a mechanical workhorse.

Bedford W Series Restoration

It was adequate at the time, although smaller than what we are used to today. But the biggest problem for Guest, Wood and Ling was the space in the cabin, which was tight and generally only accommodated two people. Since it was a transport company, several people were needed to do this type of transport, so the British came up with an unusual idea: to put another similar cabin on top of the original cabin!

The second floor was accessed via a staircase at the back of the cabin. Since the company operates in urban centers, narrow streets made it difficult to drive long vehicles, so this solution was supposedly more beneficial than extending the cabin to the rear, as the package size did not increase, and there was no need to extend the length of the body.

The British have always designed double-decker vehicles. From the time of horse-drawn carriages to London’s famous red buses. The idea never ceased to exist, and was always adapted to reality. For example, Volvo Trucks from the UK recently delivered a second floor FM to James Removals, also a moving company (read about them by clicking here).

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