“Don’t wash your underwear” · TV news

"Don't wash your underwear" · TV news

Solange Gomes blew up Jaciara Dias in a game of discord island record. The dynamism was shown on Tuesday (2) and the rivalry between the explorers intensified. Revolted, the former Vasenda fired several insults at the opponent. He shouted, “Don’t wash your underwear.”

In the activity, the participants had a task to place their mates in the ‘basin’ or ‘saved’. Once the game started, Jaciara chose to deliver the anchor to Gugu’s former bathtub.

“She’s always suspicious of me,” complained the businesswoman. Then Kaik Pereira also attacked Solange and said that if he could, he would drown the model. “There are things that bother me,” the actor justified. “Maria goes with the others. Before she said my name, Jakara already shook her head,” Solange charged.

“Open your eyes, I’m not buying that hype. I haven’t done anything for you, and you’re buying hype of your little friend,” the former farmer continued. Minutes later, in turn, Solange unleashed the dogs on the businesswoman:

I notice every single one of the people here. Usually I never make a mistake, I can identify who wears a mask with a character. Broadcasters go to Jaciara. For me, she is the great manipulator in this game. She pretends to be someone she’s not, spends the day in the kitchen, has a cleaning habit, but doesn’t even wash her panties. Gather your panties.

“Last week you didn’t like Rafa. Today, you offer him work. You dance according to the boat. You are a liar, a fake,” the former farmer insisted.

Another moment of the release, Solange made Jaciara cry when he said the businesswoman had problems with alcohol. “That’s why you don’t drink. You said when you drink, you lose your temper. That’s why you don’t drink, you want to maintain your figure. Go wash your panties, baby,” he said.

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“What I wish for Solange is all the love, that’s all I wish for her,” Jaciara replied at the testimony booth.

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