Does a cell phone in night mode improve sleep? Research yields an unexpected ruling

Does a cell phone in night mode improve sleep?  Research yields an unexpected ruling

People leave Night Mode on at night to reduce the brightness of their mobile phone screen and make it easier to see. In this case, it should be noted that this change also changes the degree of light, making it warmer and less blue.

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It therefore helps reduce eye strain and improve visual comfort, although researchers found that the benefit was not due to color. After all, the receptors that are usually affected are located outside the surface.

Does night mode on your cell phone improve sleep?

Initially, some scientists began to question the effectiveness of night mode in reducing insomnia symptoms. This survey was attributed to the University of Basel in Switzerland and the Technical University of Munich in Germany.

However, they realized that colors do not affect the human biological clock as much as previously thought. However, they realized that blue light can affect retinal ganglion cells. In other words, the area responsible for the perception of brightness is associated with pupil control.

Reducing brightness reduces wavelength

Second: Low light intensity means shorter waves that reach the eye. Therefore, the shorter the distance, the lower the risk of causing vision damage, or even a burning sensation.

Therefore, it is noted that the absorbed energy is a reflection of a reaction that occurs in daily life. For example, excess direct light automatically dilates the pupil, and at dusk, the body is less likely to engage with screens.

Remember that blue light is harmful to the biological clock

Finally, maybe you felt tired after sleeping for long hours and remembered that you spent the night watching soap operas. For this reason, there are lights that require filters, including glasses or smartphone night mode.

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Therefore, blue light is one of the colors that make up white light, which is natural sunlight and artificial light from many sources, such as lamps, computers, and mobile phones. Due to the waves with high loads, they inhibit the production of melatonin, which is the hormone that regulates sleep phases.

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