Do you eat these four foods? to caution! Your kidneys may be at risk

Do you eat these four foods?  to caution!  Your kidneys may be at risk

Have you ever stopped to think about the impact your food choices have on the health of this vital organ? Many people don’t know, but the food we eat plays a crucial role in the formation of kidney stones, or kidney stones as health professionals call them.

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According to nephrologist Flavio Galindo, many underestimate the importance of food in this context. “It’s not just the quantity, but the type of food we eat that can ignite the initial spark for the formation of these dreaded stones.“, Warn.

Our body is a powerful machine, and urine is one way it finds to get rid of substances that are no longer useful. However, when we eat foods rich in certain ingredients, these substances can crystallize in the urine, leading to stone formation.

By knowing this, we have separated four foods that can be harmful to our kidneys. Do we go to them?

Avoid kidney stones: 4 foods you should know and avoid now

We know that foods like nuts and peanuts are delicious and beneficial in certain ways. However, they have a dark side: they are Rich in oxalates. This compound is directly linked to the formation of kidney stones. Therefore, it is a good idea to be careful with your consumption.

Who can resist a cold soda on a hot day? The answer should be: our college! Especially cola soft drinks contain a substance called… Phosphoric acidIt is used to give that irresistible flavour. But you should know that this same ingredient harms our kidneys.

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It is true that barbecuing on the weekend is delicious, but excessive consumption of animal protein, especially red meat, increases the level of… sodium On the body. This excess sodium causes the urine to carry more calcium and oxalate. guess what? Increased risk of kidney stones.

Who can resist the convenience of prepared foods? But they bring with them a heavy load of… Phosphorus, salt and fat. Eating these delicacies too often not only leads to weight gain but also puts stress on our kidneys.

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