Do you do this with your cell phone? This habit can kill your battery

Do you do this with your cell phone?  This habit can kill your battery

Did you know that a simple daily habit can ruin your life? battery From your cell phone? Professionals highlight a common but surprisingly harmful mistake that many people make.

Smartphone batteries are mostly made of lithium ions. This technology provides an efficient combination of energy density and durability.

At its core, a lithium-ion cell contains an anode (usually carbon), a cathode (usually cobalt oxide), and an electrolyte.

During discharge, lithium ions move from the anode to the cathode, generating electricity. During the charging process, this flow is reversed.

The compact design and rechargeability make lithium-ion batteries the mainstream choice for portable devices, providing efficiency and reliability.

A nighttime habit that could destroy your cell phone’s battery!

According to a battery expert Cell phoneThe main mistake people make when using their devices is charging them overnight.

This is because the lithium-ion batteries found in most modern devices should not remain 100% charged for long.

There are correct ways to charge your cell phone – Image: Shutterstock/Damrong Rattanapong/Reproduction.

When a battery is 100% energized, it starts producing heat, which can damage it.

Furthermore, continuous overnight charging can cause premature wear of the part, reducing its useful life. the solution? Charge your cell phone when its charge is between 20% and 80%.

This simple practice helps extend battery life and prevent unnecessary damage.

In addition to charging at night, there are 4 other common habits that can also harm your cell phone battery:

  1. Screen brightness at maximum: reduce it to conserve power;

  2. Too many applications are opened: close unnecessary applications to improve performance;

  3. GPS location always on: activated only when necessary;

  4. Use in extreme temperatures: Avoid extremely hot or cold environments.

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To maximize battery life, consider the following:

  • Turn off your cell phone when not in use;

  • Short recharges, between 20% and 80%;

  • Keep your operating system up to date.

Finally, by following these… advice Quite simply, you can extend the life of your cell phone battery, preventing it from draining quickly.

Keep your device in top condition and get rid of frequent charging problems.

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