Disney and Warner suspend advertising on X after Musk controversy

Disney and Warner suspend advertising on X after Musk controversy

The big advertisers continue Escape from XThe old Twitter after the repercussions of its approval Elon Musk (Image) for the conspiracy theory Anti-Semitic On the platform.

a Walt Disneythe Warner Bros.the Lionsgate And the Basic They suspended their spending on the social network. Computing company IBMbesides the appleas we have shown, is also suspended the Publicity after controversy by the owner of X.

Social network Opening the way for anti-Semitic rhetoric Under the guise of defending the human rights of Palestinians.

This week, a user of the platform shared a post from Foundation to Combat Anti-Semitismwhere the father confronts his son for publication “Hitler was right” On social networks. “For the cowards who hide behind anonymity on the Internet and post ‘Hitler was right’.” Do you have something you want to say? Why don’t you say that to our faces?

Another user answered: “Jewish communities have promoted this kind of polemical hatred against white people that they claim they want people to stop using against them.” In response, Musk wrote: “I told the truth”.

After losing major advertisers, Musk stated that the platform would not tolerate any speech promotion “Genocide of any group”.

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