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Eduardo and Monica, like Faroeste Caboclo, has been adapted for cinemas. Now we will talk a little about the song Legião Urbana.

The song was released in 1986 on the Dois album. It was composed by Renato Rosso and edited as a second single from the album.

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It is a love story between the two titular characters, a 16-year-old girl and a college student.

The song was previously recorded in 1982, when Renato Rosso sang solo. In this recording, the ending differs from the more well-known. In the older version, Eduardo and Monica They married on Eduardo’s farm, and Monica is still pregnant.

In the most famous version, the song ends with the couple unable to travel because their son is recovering.

Listen Eduardo and Monica, less.

More about production Eduardo and Monica

The film marks a new partnership between director René Sampaio and producer Bianca de Felipes, also responsible for Faroeste Caboclo (2013).

The film was shot in Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and Chapada dos Federos for eight weeks in 2018. The main cast had more than 200 people. Producer Bianca de Phillips, director René Sampaio, cinematographer Gustavo Hadba, art director Thiago Marquez, representative producer Marcella Altberg and executive producer Gabriel Bortolini, among other professionals, joined forces once again after Faroeste’s success. caboclo.

The adaptation of the famous song by Renato Rosso is a love story that follows the relationship of Monica and Eduardo, who need to overcome many differences to live a great love in Brasilia in the eighties.

“The film is a delicate love story that speaks, among other things, of how you can love and respect someone who thinks very differently from you. To some extent, everyone was Eduardo or Monica in some kind of relationship,” defines director René Sampaio.

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“It was very important for us to be faithful to Renato’s spirit. Among the songs he composed, these are the most solar ones. So, the idea was to conserve this energy”, adds Bianca de Phillips.

Gabriel Leone and Alice Braga work together for the first time and live through the dilemmas of the characters who fall in love and start a relationship, despite their completely different ages and personalities. Also among the cast are Otavio Augusto (as Pera, Eduardo’s grandfather), Giuliana Carneiro da Cunha (Lara, Monica’s mother), Victor Lamoglia (Inacio, Eduardo’s girlfriend), Bruna Spinola (Carina, Monica’s sister) and Fabricio Boliveira in a private engagement.

With a script signed by Mateus Souza in partnership with Claudia Soto, Michele Frantz and Jessica Kandel, the film is set in 1986, the year of the release of the album Dois, by Legião Urbana, and the attentive viewer will find a homage to the symbolic events of the period.

As mentioned, Eduardo and Monica Exclusively arriving in theaters January 20th.

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