Discover 3 European countries where Brazilians are “kings” and the Real is worth more in 2024; See list

Discover 3 European countries where Brazilians are “kings” and the Real is worth more in 2024;  See list

In 2024, there are exclusive opportunities for those who wish to travel internationally to some European countries.

Some European countries have financial secrets that could revolutionize the travel experience, giving tourists surprising purchasing power. The Brazilian Real, in a remarkable economic shift, is outpacing the value of some local European currencies, creating a favorable environment for a trip with significant economic benefits.

Although many are not aware of this contemporary phenomenon, by analyzing the advantages of the Brazilian real compared to local currencies, it is possible to identify unique opportunities that deserve the attention of travel enthusiasts.

In this guide, we'll explore the European countries where the Brazilian Real stands out, and provide valuable insights into making the most of this monetary advantage. Furthermore, we will highlight the importance of monitoring airfare prices, to ensure that travelers enjoy not only cultural riches, but also a different economic experience.

1. Portugal

Image: Travel and Tourism

Known for its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture and tempting cuisine, Portugal stands out as one of the European destinations where the value of the Brazilian Real rises significantly compared to the Euro.

The wonders of places like Lisbon and Porto are becoming more accessible, giving travelers the opportunity to discover historic castles, taste award-winning wines and immerse themselves in the welcoming atmosphere of charming villages.

2. Poland

Photo: Travel Poland

Poland, at the crossroads between its medieval history and vibrant modernity, is emerging as an attractive option for travelers who value great value for money.

With the Brazilian real valued against the zloty, the Polish currency, visitors can explore Krakow's winding streets, explore the Auschwitz camps and marvel at Warsaw's unique architecture, taking full advantage of the economic advantage offered by a favorable exchange rate.

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3. Hungary

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Hungary, nicknamed the “Pearl of Eastern Europe”, attracts the attention of tourists with a favorable exchange rate for the Brazilian real.

Budapest, with its rich offer of thermal baths, majestic castles and vibrant nightlife, is becoming an even more attractive destination for visitors to Brazil, who can enjoy greater purchasing power.

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