Discover 11 'hidden' commands in ChatGPT that you should learn how to use now

Discover 11 'hidden' commands in ChatGPT that you should learn how to use now

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is widely known as a generative AI tool. However, many users are still unaware of the “hidden” commands that make the chatbot experience more diverse and surprising. In addition to helping with daily tasks, study, and entertainment, ChatGPT is capable of summarizing texts, simulating job interviews, and creating songs and poems, among other features. Below we present 11 secret commands that reveal the full potential of this artificial intelligence.

  1. Summarize this (or summarize this in topics): Ideal for saving time and quickly understanding long texts, this allows ChatGPT to summarize material while preserving the important points of the original content.
  2. Write an email or message: To facilitate the creation of structured text, this command helps you compose emails or messages clearly and efficiently.
  3. Translate this with this context: To avoid inaccuracies in automatic translations, this command uses specific context to generate more accurate translations.
  4. Prepare a list: ChatGPT creates well-organized lists on any topic, providing concise and informative items.
  5. Play with ChatGPT: In addition to telling stories and jokes, the chatbot can engage in many interactive games, such as guess, truth or dare, hangman, and tic-tac-toe.
  6. How to refute an argument: When asking for arguments for or against a topic, ChatGPT provides a list of reasons to support positions or refute viewpoints.
  7. Caption for photos or tweets: To keep your profile active on social media, ChatGPT creates attractive captions and even creates tweet threads on different topics.
  8. Take a quiz about anything: By creating questions and answers on any topic, it creates interactive quizzes for entertainment or educational use.
  9. Make poems or songs about any topic: Using specific commands, ChatGPT creates works of art, with the ability to customize style, rhythm, and even imitate famous artists.
  10. Reply as if you were (a famous person): Mimicking responses like a public figure or character, this provides fun imaginative interactions.
  11. Job interview simulation: In order to prepare users for job interviews, ChatGPT simulates real-life scenarios with questions and answers commonly found in selection processes.
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For a more personalized experience, we recommend including additional details in commands, which allows ChatGPT to better understand user intent and provide more accurate results. By exploring these secret commands, users can enjoy the wide range of possibilities offered by this generative AI.

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