Direct treasury sales reached R$42.417 billion in 2022

Direct treasury sales reached R$42.417 billion in 2022

Direct sales of public securities from the treasury to individuals via the Internet totaled R$42.417 billion in 2022, while total redemptions amounted to R$25.989 billion. As a result, net issuances amounted to R$16.428 billion last year. The data was released today (25th), with results for the last month of 2022, by the National Treasury.

In December last year, sales exceeded recalls by R$1.085 billion. In the month, securities sales amounted to R$3.463 billion, and redemptions amounted to R$2.377 billion, all of which relate to buybacks of securities. There were no redemptions by maturity, when the bond expires and the government needs to repay the investor with interest.

The securities most requested by investors in December were those corrected by the key interest rate, Selic, which equaled 61.5% of the total. Inflation-linked securities accounted for 27.4% of sales, and fixed-rate securities, with interest fixed at the time of issue, 11.1%.

From March 2021 to August 2022, the Central Bank (BC) raised the exchange rate. The rate, which was 2% annually, at an all-time low, has jumped to 13.75% annually since then. High interest rates continue to attract interest in prime rate securities.

Direct treasury stocks totaled R$105.10 billion at the end of December, an increase of 2.1% compared to the previous month (R$102.98 billion) and 32.7% compared to December last year (R$79.20 billion).


As for the number of investors, 434,314 new subscribers were registered in the program last month. The number of investors reached 22,483,236, up 37.9% from the previous twelve months. The total number of active investors (with existing operations) was 2,129,196, an increase of 17.4% in 12 months. In December, there was an increase of 19,626 new active investors.

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The demand for direct treasury by small investors can be seen by the large number of sales amounting to R$5 thousand, which corresponds to 82.7% of the total 582,388 sales made in December 2022. Only investments of up to R$ thousand represent 58.7%. The average value per operation was R$5,946.68.

Investors prefer short and medium term bonds. Bond sales with maturities of 1 to 5 years represented 80.5% and those of 5 to 10 years 5.1% of the total. Notes with maturities of more than 10 years accounted for 14.4% of sales in December.

the The full budget of the direct treasury It is available on the National Treasury website.

source of funds

Treasury Direct was created in January 2002 to circulate order and allow individuals to buy public securities directly from the national treasury, over the Internet, without the mediation of financial agents. The investor only needs to pay a fee to the broker in charge of custody of the securities, which is B3, the Brazilian Stock Exchange.

More information can be obtained from Location Is the direct locker.

Selling securities is one of the ways the government has to raise money to pay off debts and meet obligations. In return, the national treasury undertakes to return the amount with additional fees which may vary according to the specified rate, inflation rates, exchange rate or a predetermined rate in the case of fixed rate securities.

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