Diogo Nogueira announces himself to Paula Oliveira live: “Meeting of the Heart”

Diogo Nogueira announces himself to Paula Oliveira live: “Meeting of the Heart”

The musical attraction of the meeting with Patricia Boetta on Friday (15), Diogo Nogueira He took advantage of his participation in the TV Globo program to promote his new album “Sagrado” and also to announce himself to his actress girlfriend. Paola Oliveira.

“It was an amazing meeting. I am a man in love and at the same time I love her. We can play with these two universes. Because either a man only falls in love or he only loves. I do both.”The samba singer said, moving the audience.

“It’s like a meeting of the heart”added the singer, who reciprocated his declaration of love Diogo NogueiraWhich enhanced the existing harmony between the two.

“(It was like that) from the beginning. It was a meeting with a very powerful intensity, and an energy that seemed to have an aura surrounding us. So I just wanted to thank the people there, because she’s an amazing person.” “Humble, personable, generous, friend, partner.”The artist added.

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