Dieselgate. Volkswagen has reached a 226 million deal in the UK

Dieselgate.  Volkswagen has reached a 226 million deal in the UK

“The written agreement is a success for the affected consumer, and the impact of this process on corporate management and the importance of consumer access to justice cannot be underestimated,” said Ben Smith of Capital Management Group.

Although the German brand does not accept responsibility, it does pay for the charges against the Volkswagen group. Although not liable in this case, the defendants explained that it would be wiser to pay the costs rather than pursue it in court.

“The Volkswagen Group is pleased to have completed this case in England and Wales,” the statement said. “The deal is a significant step forward as Volkswagen continues to try to tackle the September 2015 episode.”

At that time, the German brand announced about 11 million cars worldwide, with over one million cars in the UK alone Software Altered the actual values ​​of harmful gases and carbon dioxide emissions released into the atmosphere.

The brand has been accused by several law firms in the UK of misleading consumers into buying cars that violate emission regulations.

The group launched the process in September 2016 with more than 70,000 complaints.

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