Did you survive? Apple Vision Pro undergoes durability testing

Did you survive?  Apple Vision Pro undergoes durability testing

Using resistant materials and a glass front, the Apple Vision Pro has faced a durability test that appears to be the first to be published on YouTube.

Device owners 3,500 USD (~17,500 R$) They have to be extremely careful not to fall or get hit, but this YouTuber decided to see how much damage the Apple Vision Pro can withstand and the result was surprising.

Durability tests are very popular on YouTube and many channels are investing in new products to test. Although many do diligent and meticulous work, others just want to quickly destroy the product due to audience reactions.

AppleTrack's Sam Kohl takes a methodical approach to testing the durability of the Apple Vision Pro, and the first test involved a drop from waist height onto carpet, showing that the Light Seal doesn't hold as well as it should, but the device remains intact.

The YouTuber then walked around the house and bumped into walls and doors. After twenty hits, he noticed small scratches on the windshield. After a harder hit on the wall, the EyeSight panel remained intact and impressive kohl.

Repeated drop tests on a hardwood floor caused the outer glass of the panel to crack, but the interior remained intact and until the damaged portion was removed, the Apple Vision Pro continued to function.

In the end, Cole praised the durability of the Apple Vision Pro, saying he had never seen curved glass as durable as the device.

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