Did Yoko Ono write this Beatles song? Paul McCartney thinks so

Did Yoko Ono write this Beatles song?  Paul McCartney thinks so

Almost all of the famous Beatles songs were written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Over time, George Harrison invaded his space and presented creations no less significant than those of the duo. However, the partnership became a reference for composition.


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In recent years, the entry of Yoko Ono into Lennon’s life brought a new element to the studio. Although the Fab Four members escape the pile of detractors who accused the woman of causing the band to break up, everyone realizes that her presence interferes with the dynamics.

So, would Yoko have been involved in the creative process at some point? Although not directly, McCartney does not rule out the possibility of this happening.

The path that leaves you with the question is “because”, found in “Monastery Road” (1969). According to the copies Far Out Magazine“Many years from now,” he said:

“I wouldn’t mind betting that Yoko had a hand in creating it. The words are the type of writing they are: wind, sky, and earth repetitive. They seem to have come straight from his book of poetry, ‘The Grapefruit.’”

Yoko Ono and “Grapefruit”

Grapefruit was released in 1964, before Yoko and John met, and gained fame as an early example of conceptual art.

The work presents a series of “outcomes of events” that replace the physical artwork with instructions that one may or may not follow in reading it.

The Beatles and “Abbey Road”

Although it was not the last new Beatles album to be made available, “Abbey Road” was the last to be recorded.

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It has sold over 31 million copies worldwide, reaching number one on several charts, including the US and UK.

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