Did Marcia Fu receive R$ 1 million from politicians? Understand Simioni’s gossip in A Fazenda · TV News

Did Marcia Fu receive R$ 1 million from politicians?  Understand Simioni’s gossip in A Fazenda · TV News

Camila Simeone revealed Marcia Fo’s past in the movie A Fazenda 15. The businesswoman stated that the former volleyball player received R$ 1 million from politicians in the 2022 elections. In fact, the former athlete received the amount. The amount came through the party fund As support for a person’s nomination, Who sought the position of representative of the state of Minas Gerais.

The family confirms that the money was not used for personal purposes, and that Marcia provided all clarifications and data available on the transparency portal.

The matter came to light on Wednesday (25) after a Simeone’s conversation with passers-by is echoing on social media. No video of Marcia’s alleged speech was found on the Internet until then.

“She said, ‘Do you think I’m stupid?’ “ In the last political campaign, they deposited one million Brazilian reals into my account. I have a driver, a car, etc. Lucas [Souza] “I was talking about the profile you want to create here, as someone who is poor, with simple clothes and so forth, who has no clothes and is asking to borrow everything,” said ally Jenny Miranda.

When contacted, Marcia’s advisors commented on the matter through a memo sent to the news. The clarification was provided by Maria Aparecida, the sister of the former volleyball player.

paying off:

The amount of R$ 1,003,110.30 was obtained for the party fund, when Marcia Fo was a candidate. Party fund money must be spent on the political campaign. Marcia provided all the accounts. She was never elected to this position.

“In the same conversation, Simeone also distorts the fact that Marcia Fu paid a driver for her son from the reality show fees – during her absence, and tells lies about the cat that was adopted, which in reality weighed 7 kilograms and never cost R$7,000.

All data can be viewed at Transparency portal, Including the verification of the assets declared by Marcia at the time of submitting the application, which, in addition to her own and estimated resources, have a total value of R $ 4 thousand, confirming the previously disclosed difficult financial situation“.

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