Did Globo cut Camila Queiroz out of the year-end vignette? knowing the truth

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Camila Queiroz Cut from the year-end vignette for Globe? This was the question many asked themselves after The actress does not appear in the channel’s campaignReleased on Wednesday (01).

During the break from Um Lugar ao Sol, the Rio de Janeiro channel launched the traditional year-end vignette with its team artists. In the Journal Nacional, he warned that the names will be on the air or will be in 2022.

Why did Camila Queiroz not appear?

But why didn’t Camila Queiroz appear in the vignette at the end of the year? Did Globo cut it? Many netizens wondered about this after realizing that she was not in the campaign video.

The situation has already been clarified by the announcer himself. The actress does not appear in the vignette with the channel crew because she simply did not register to participate. Apparently, only artists with a fixed contract were called.

In an article posted on its official website, Globo claimed that the information that Camila had been cut from the campaign trail was false. “The actress has never signed up for her vignette. Therefore, it cannot have cut off its existence,” he said.

Troubled departure from Globo

The protagonist of Secret Facts 2, Camila left the network in November in a very turbulent manner. With the covid-19 pandemic, plot recordings have been delayed. Because of this, the contract signed by Globo with the cast has been outlived.

Because of the unexpected event, the network had to extend the bond with the actors for another seven days to complete filming. That’s when the predicament with the actress started. She was going to make a series of requests to sign a contract extension and record her last scenes in the Globoplay plot.

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According to Globo, Camila wanted to “determine the outcome of Angel’s character.” In addition, it “requires a formal commitment that it will be part of a definitive third season of the business.” The announcer also claimed that the artist made “other unacceptable contractual demands”.

Without a blow to extend the bond, Ryu channel decided to expel the actress. And therefore , NS Secret Truths 2 ends without her presence. Angel’s final sequences were adapted by author Walcyr Carrasco and a double was used to play the character.

In Globo’s year-end vignette, In addition to Camila Queiroz, a big name has been excluded from the network. It’s about Fatima Bernardes. However, the introduction to the meeting did not appear in the campaign because she underwent surgery in October, when the material was taped.

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