Diaries of Prince Harry in bookstores

Diaries of Prince Harry in bookstores

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Prince Harry’s memoirs were released on Tuesday, revealing a troubled, unhappy and angry personality. But it’s the clips about members of the royal family that attract the most attention.

Prince Harry’s long-awaited and controversial memoir Spear – titled Na Sombra in the Portuguese version – was released today in the UK.

Some bookstores have opened overnight or earlier to the most curious and fanatical public, although much of the content has already been publicized by the press and discussed in interviews.

In the book, Harry describes episodes such as a physical confrontation with his brother William and private conversations with his father about his stepmother Camilla, whom he secretly dislikes.

With the book, Harry intends to expose the injustices of which he claims to have been a victim, denouncing the royal family’s intrigues with the British press that created a hostile environment for women, Meghan Markle, which made him move to the United States. , in 2020.

The result is an attack on the royal family four months before Father Charles III’s coronation.

So far, Buckingham Palace has responded silently to what is essentially a family rift that leaves little room for reconciliation.

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