Diane says Marina makes a tragedy where there is no tragedy

Diane says Marina makes a tragedy where there is no tragedy

Farmer of the Week, Marina Ferrari, was the subject of Diane Melo and Joy Araujo in “farm 13″ (RecordTV). An Alagoas woman, from a wealthy family, claims to have gained her financial independence alone. Marina Dayan nominated for 8th Ranch.

“She complains that I am constantly talking about others. I think: ‘Here you are, you look like a plant, do not open your mouth for anything.’” You get annoyed because, if you talk about the game, you automatically talk about people. “What do you want me to talk about?” Diane asked.

Bell agreed, “The trial is really complicated because you’re saying what needs to be said.”

“So you go there, ‘Why don’t I agree with situations.’ Why am I getting slapped in the face? Because I have a personality? And what are you doing here, man?” Ex-Grand Fratelo continued.

The former MTV channel replied, “It exists.”

“Just breathe, never take a stand. He’s never fought, I’ve never seen him cry. That annoys my character, doesn’t it? I know it bothers me,” the model’s shot. “Then later I heard her tell her life story yesterday, wanting to make a tragedy where it doesn’t exist. Like, ‘Oh, it was so hard to beat, and I don’t know what.'” “A little story. Everyone knows who you are.”

“Have you ever been hungry? No, right? So count on being grateful for the wonderful life I had. Don’t gosh, I was the spoiled little girl and I left my mom’s house to get my things.” Go to the other side of the world without a real presence in my pocket to conquer everything you occupied. Very different. Stop telling a story! pardon me!

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“I would also like to say that I am from a good family, I am a playboy, my mother gave me a car for my birthday and I bought an apartment with the money of my father, who worked a lot and did not,” Bell said, “You don’t like me crying. No problem. But saying ‘it’s so hard.’” ..”.

“He’s like, ‘Oh my God, I wanted to leave my family to have…’. No! Good! [que teve a família], was born? ‘, Valo Day.

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