“Devil's Comet” may appear in the sky next April

“Devil's Comet” may appear in the sky next April

It is called a horned comet “devil's culprit”It can be seen with the naked eye or with the help of binoculars during a solar eclipse. More specifically, on April 8th. Astronomers hope that it will appear rarely during this period. However, it will only be visible in parts of the Northern Hemisphere. However, the last days of March may provide the best view of anyone in the area. This is the doctor's statement. Paul ChodasDirector of the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies.

“devil's culprit”

Photo: Reproduction/X/Comet Chasers / Perfil Brasil

He added: “The comet will shine a little brighter as it approaches the sun, and it should be visible with the naked eye in the low west about an hour after sunset.” States.

Satan's comet

The comet, which appears to have horns, is considered a rare phenomenon, as it completes only one revolution around the sun every approximately 71 years. Its appearance is similar to reality Halley's Comet: Getting to watch her might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

As it approaches Earth, it makes viewing possible. The good news is that this approach poses no risk to the planet or to human life, as it would be at a safe distance of about 1.5 astronomical units from Earth.

The comet, which bears the scientific name Pons Brooks, will not pass by Earth again for decades. It was named after the astronomer who first observed it in 1812: Jean-Louis Pons. It consists of ice, dust, small rock particles and gas clouds, and arouses the curiosity of the public.

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