details Frank Aguiar’s wife’s hospitalization in the intensive care unit for a rare disease: “It burns the body”; He watches

details Frank Aguiar’s wife’s hospitalization in the intensive care unit for a rare disease: “It burns the body”;  He watches

Caroline Aguiar, wife of Frank Aguiar (Photo: reproduction/Instagram)

Singer Frank Aguiar’s wife, Caroline Aguiar, has revealed that she has had a serious health problem recently. The 31-year-old shared the impressive report on her social networks, on Monday (3). According to the testimony, she was diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, a rare disease that causes a series of skin burns.

“I decided to come here today, on my birthday, because I am celebrating my life. My 31 years and the second chance God gave me. The Stevens-Johnson disease that I had is a rare and serious disease that burns the body.”she said in a video in Stories.

Caroline was hospitalized for 10 days in the intensive care unit to treat her injuries. “I thought I was going to die. I even made a video saying goodbye, I swear I thought I was going to die. And God gave me another chance.”celebrate.

In a post shared to the feed, the woman showed pictures of how she got the spots and told more information about her hospital stay. “Details: My mouth was absolutely sore. I lost seven kilos. I couldn’t do simple things, like walking, eating hurt a lot, urinating, but I’m a daughter of a living God and I’m here today to tell you.”I remembered.

She also took advantage of the moment and thanked her husband for their support and the entire medical team who were involved in her recovery. “I want to thank my husband, who, in spite of everything, never left my side, and we are a couple like everyone else, we have our ups and downs”he wrote. “I would like to thank the professionals at Assunção Hospital, the angels of God who have appeared in my life. The entire medical team is my eternal gratitude. In the midst of so much pain, I had the most beautiful encounter with God and it deserves all that I have been through!”he finished.

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In May, Frank and Caroline announced their separation after four years of relationship. At the time, the singer told Quem magazine that the decision was made so that his wife could focus on her mental health. However, he confirmed that he remained with the girl throughout the treatment period. “I provide full support. She went every day. She was in the hospital for about 15 days, and she stayed in the ICU. One of the anxiety medications she was taking was causing her Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, her skin was all torn out, and it was burning. I would also fall asleep Every day in the hospital, in the intensive care unit.He said.

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