Desenrola Brasil expands debt renegotiation to R$20,000; Learn how to get involved

Desenrola Brasil expands debt renegotiation to R$20,000;  Learn how to get involved

Banks and participating creditors Open Brazil They will do D-Day with debt renegotiations. Starting this week, anyone with debts of up to R$20,000 will be able to use the program and receive discounts.

Desenrola Brasil expands debt renegotiation to R$20,000; Learn how to get involved (FDR photo)

From the twentieth day Descenrola Brazil Program Begins to renegotiate debts of up to R $ 20,000. The new route should serve more people than will be able to Clear your names Even in 2023, by then about 2.7 million Brazilians have already renegotiated.

The average discounts offered are 83%, but can reach 99% on the updated value of the debt.

Desenrola Brasil for debts up to R$20,000

  • To use the program it is necessary to have debts Negative between 2019 and 2022.
  • Furthermore, the total amount of debt must reach R$20,000.
  • The renegotiation process aims to pay off bank debts, including credit cards.
  • Not banks, like Late bills for energy, water, etc.
  • The second track of the Desenrola program is renegotiated directly with the creditor banks.
  • Renegotiation can be done in person or via email. Official website.

Desenrola Brasil’s debt renegotiation efforts

  • Next Wednesday, the 22nd, “D-Day – Mutirão Desenrola” will be held.
  • The following will participate in the procedure: banks, civil organizations and other creditors.
  • With the program it is possible to renegotiate debts using Salary 13 To pay the first installment.
  • Or even renegotiate without paying the down payment right away.
  • Moreover, it is possible to start repaying the debt, after entry, from two months onwards, i.e. only in 2024.
  • Renegotiation can take place until December 31 of this year.
  • This Tuesday, the 21st. The President of the Republic, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and the Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad, will broadcast live to talk about D-Day in Descenrola.
  • during work Bank branch operating hours will be extended.
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