Derek Chauvin Refuses to Testify at the Death Trial of George Floyd | The National Gazette

The trial of the former US police officer accused of killing George Floyd is entering the final stage after he refused to testify about the case.

For the first time, the court heard Derek Chauvin’s voice. He said: I will invite my right not to speak. As per protocol, the jury was not present, but was contacted.

The former police officer responds to three charges, the most serious of which is manslaughter, and one with no intent to kill.

During the trial, prosecutors called 38 witnesses. The pedestrians described despair at seeing Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck.

Law enforcement officials said the nod was against the training they received, and doctors said the former cop’s actions had caused Floyd’s death.

The defense took seven people to testify. They tried to convince the jury that Derek Chauvin had acted correctly, that the use of force was justified and that George Floyd had died of heart problems exacerbated by drug abuse.

On Monday (19), the defense and the prosecution will present the final arguments. After that, the jury will meet behind closed doors to decide whether they consider Chauvin guilty or innocent of each of the charges against him.

Also on Thursday (15), a few kilometers away, the former police officer who killed Don Wright on Sunday (11) attended the first session.

Kim Potter is accused of negligence and conscious risk of causing the 20-year-old to die.

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